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What’s the Fax all about? VALUE!! Home Seller Short Sale / Loan Modification

  • The Home Value Fax Report is the only consumer oriented product providing insight into how a Lender determines value.
  • This report details the criteria placed upon Appraisers by the Lenders to establish value.
  • Our Home Valuation Report was created to show the consumer what the Lender is looking for before they even see it.
  • How do you establish the sales price of your home?
  • Where can you find current information on homes you are competing with?
  • Home Value Fax was created to provide this information.
  • Do you need to short sell your home or renegotiate the terms of your existing loan?
  • What can you provide the existing Lender to help begin negotiations?
  • The Home Value Fax Report is an invaluable tool to help with negotiations.
Home Buyer Home Refinance Condo / Townhome
  • How can you verify the home you wish to purchase is priced correctly?
  • What other homes may be influencing the neighborhood you are interested in?
  • A Home Value Fax Report will provide the information needed to make an informed decision.
  • What is your home worth?
  • What loan programs will you be eligible for based on your home's value?
  • The Home Value Fax Report was designed to get this information.
  • Before you buy, sell or refinance a Condominium or Townhome be sure to get all the facts.
  • Whether you're a buyer, seller or investor know the current state of the unit and Home Owners Association.
  • The Home Value Fax Report and site can help with this information.